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I have just finished reading Phillip Yancy’s book, titled, What is so amazing about grace? The book itself had been out a while now but has been titled by many as a Christian classic and a must read.

Overall I really enjoyed reading the book becuase Yancy uses his journalism skills to the full and intertwines story with real gospel truths. Yancy constantly challenges the reader to re-think about how we use and live out the word ‘Grace’. Is it a word we use as an excuse, do we say it but do we live it? How do you explain what grace is to an unbeliever? What makes a true mark of a Christian and the church? There were all questions that were flagged up in the book.

Using examples of Jesus himself as examples, Yancy takes us on the journey to once again ( and again, and again) rediscover what grace is, he defines it as; ‘ There is nothing we can do to make God love us more and there is nothing we can do to make God love us less.’  That is a pin-it-to-your-wall sorta of quote.

As the chapters continue, it became difficult to put down at times becuase it was just so refreshing to think upon such riches of the Father’s love to us as seen in Christ. Sometimes, I think God’s grace is a weak and not powerful thing, especially when it comes to the church, we seen so pushed out of society at times, but Yancy points out, first the power of the cross and second the healing’s Jesus performed. He says, ‘No matter how it looks at any given point in history, the gates guarding the powers of evil will not withstand an assault by grace.’

I think the main thing that stands out in this book for me is that it was a true reminder about how hungry the world is to know and understand the Gospel and God’s grace, even if they do not even know it yet. When presented correctly, it draws people in like the smell of fresh coffee brewing or when you subconsciously start foot-tapping, you just cannot help yourself but to be drawn to Jesus.  At the end of the book he says, ‘The world thirst’s for grace. When Grace descends, the world falls silent before it.’

Conclusion; Go and read this book. It will not disappoint you.