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Westbrook Centre, run by Urban Saints

The location of our weekend away; Westbrook Centre, run by Urban Saints.

‘ Since then, You have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.’ – Colossians 3;1.

So last weekend was my Church’s annual youth weekend away. For me it was a first to sacrifice a weekend to serve the youth in this way so it was both an encouraging and challenging time all in one go.

As we had a mixture of youth from different ages/family backgrounds and all in very different places spirituality, the aim for the whole weekend was to see the the supremacy of Jesus ( as seen in Colossians 1;15-23) and to challenge the youth to put him number one in their lives and not to swap him for anything else.

My prayer for the weekend for the youth was; If you have Jesus, then you have everything you need for life. Not just today, not just in this moment, but for your whole life.

Of course, with all things related to youth work I tend to think that the teaching is aimed just at the youth becuase of the simplicity of the teaching and also that I understand the book of Colossians pretty well. However, this is not the case when you have the Word open in front of you, your heart beats to be refreshed in Christ. You cannot help but be drawn to Him.

Our motto was Colossians 3;1, note here that Paul is speaking in past tense; YOU HAVE BEEN RAISED WITH CHRIST. Its already a done deal, your as LOVED BY THE FATHER IN THE SAME WAY HE LOVES HIS SON.  It’s relentless and it pulls you in, one by one. Speaking to the girls in small groups, we really started teasing this idea out.

Of course youth have the best questions in the world, including some really hard ones like, ‘ What does the bible say about homosexuality?’ and ‘ Is it okay to get a divorce’ as well as, ‘Can God fly?’ and ‘how can Jesus be God and a Man?’.

Of course there was a LOT of crazy antics going on, including man hunt, capture the flag, zip wires, leaders real life cluedo and an amazing rendition of the Lion King. This all balanced out the weekend and meant that we could get to know each other better.

To summise; I slept very well on Sunday night.