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Know one can deny the fact that the graduate job market is tough at the moment. Thousands of unemployed or soon to be graduates spend their days tirelessly filling out applications forms. Every man is out for himself; to find a job and to keep it.

If your like me and looking for a job within the creative industries, self promotion seems to be the norm but with the internet opening up new ways with sites such as linkedin and setting up your own web-site and uploading your CV in a couple of clicks. Here is the question, how much should I be putting myself ‘out there’?

Last week, in a final plee, Adam Pacitti spent his last £500 on a billboard in London, begging people to ‘employ Adam’. Adam graduated from the University of Winchester with a First Class degree in Media Studies and lives a couple of streets away from me on the Isle of Wight. He states that, ‘This is my way of trying to stand out.’ His CV video has gone viral with over 69,500 hits on Youtube and thousands RT’s on Twitter, he has certainly made good use of the brief media limelight.

Adam decided to take to the extreme but in my bid to be ‘out there’ I am re-designing my journalism portfolio. This means new website, new business cards and a new jazzier CV. I have held back on doing this for a couple of years mainly out of fear of exposure, fraud and even copyright theft but countless of people inform me that my portfolio and CV needs to be online because the basic fact is that I need a job and I can’t live with the parents forever.

Although I am not going to go as far as Adam, I am still working hard on the self promotions front. In my bid to be ‘out there’, I now jump at every opportunity to network with the right people, show off my work at my friends dinner parties and generally thinking that my ideas and projects are like the crown jewels. Pride towards my work has become one of my biggest battles. Self promotion for someone who has no faith doesn’t seem to be a problem. Arrogance and being rude, yes but selling yourself seems to be the norm and a no-brainer.

Pride is all about what you have achieved and giving yourself the glory for it, it is all about self-worshipping. However, as Christians we are aware that in the grand scheme of things this cannot deliver because these things wouldn’t have been possible were it not for God enabling and sustaining us.

Where do you draw the line on this? I am still looking for the answer but I do know what the antidote is for my pride. This Tim Keller quote challenges me time and time again, he says, ‘True gospel humility is not a self hating person or a self loving person, but a gospel-humble person. The truly gospel-humble person is a self-forgetting person whose ego is just like his or her toes. It just works. It doesn’t draw attention to itself.’ Keller explains that true humility is when you let go of your ego and stop connecting your needs and experiences to new situations and relationships. Simply remind yourself of who you are in Christ and be thankful for the gifts that God has given you.