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This week i spoke on Psalm 5 at friday night squash, which is my church’s youth group. The average age is about 11/12 years old. Here are my notes:

Give attention to the sound of my cry, my King and my God,

David is the King of Isreal, but look in v2 He recognises that even though He ( David) is a king, he needs help from God. v2 also says, My King and MY God, so David knew the loving arms of the Father personally.  David understood that he is a man under God’s authority and power but yet he doesn’t need to struggle alone because he knew that God delights to hear his prayers.

For there is no truth in their mouth; their inmost self is destruction;
their throat is an open grave; they flatter with their tongue

David knew God personally, he knew that the Lord was his King,that he created him and David praised God for his Love and mercy towards him. But then his thoughts turn to wicked, arrogant people who cannot be trusted because they speak lies (v6)/ (v9). David is praying against, the mouth, throat and the tongue because what we speak about reveals what we love in our hearts.  The tongue can be used to build people up in love and friendship or hurt people with lies and bullying. Again we see that We have this problem in our hearts, that the bible calls sin….

S – Shove off God
I – I am in charge
N- No to your rules and your love

What is at the end line of v10? (they have rebelled against you.) People rebel against God, they do not know him and have chosen to be his enemies.  this is why the Lord is angry, but remember God is STILL a father and he doesn’t change . So he is always a Daddy. When you were little and you ran away or got lost by mistake, what happened? You got a telling off  for being naughty, but your Dad would always give you a hug afterwards. He didn’t want to tell you off but he had too so that you would be less likely to do it again. Running away from your parents is dangerous because they can offer you protection and love and they know what is best for you, this is exactly the same with God the Father in v10.

We see a clear contrast in this Psalm –  David who runs to God-  trusts God to be his refuge and his shield (v11) and those who choose to run away from God . However even if we have run away from God, thanks to his great love and Mercy, we can always come back to him – And be held in his arms

But I, through the abundance of your steadfast love, will enter your house

It  is ONLY because of God’s love and Mercy towards David that he can come into his house. David was right with God because god has chosen him to be his friend. But it wasn’t because he was a king or anything he had done. David was right with God because he knew and trusted in the  promises that were made back in genesis. We can be right with God today because Jesus come and took the punishment for our sins  and lying tongues but he has also clothed us with HIS Righteousness. This means we are covered in Jesus’s royal robe – even thought i am just a commoner who deserves not even a penny! It is because of this that I can come into his house and presence fully without fear.