People ask me, Where is God in the face of suffering? Or when I was reading the book of Job over the summer I was like, WHY God did you allowed a good, godly man to suffer? Why would a Good and loving God do such a thing? The list goes on…

I don’t want to attempt to answer those questions, there are better places online that open up more in-dept discussions. I just want to type this;

The brother died.

Martha was bitter

Mary wept

Jesus was troubled

Jesus Wept.

(John 11)

Jesus, the Son of God, the King, Christ and holy one, [ insert your opinion about Jesus here] didn’t turn his nose down at the women. He stood next to them and wept. He showed his emotion and first human reaction. Grief.

I can stand next to my family in the mist of a bereavement and weep. Just like Jesus did.