Worry is something that I don’t find that easy to talk about. Maybe that is why it is easier to write about it. Anyways, this is all a response from reading ‘The Worry Book’ by Will van seer Heat and Rob Waller.

In the book they describe two types of worry. Solvable worry – is simply something you can solve, but floating worries are the parrots that scold. ” Floating worry is often orientated around problems that are less urgent and might or might not happen at some point in the future. The level of anxiety is usually less acute and grumbles along in the background. The worry may be slightly relieved by doing something, but it will come back because that something we did was not in response to a problem-solving strategy, but to a feeling that we had to ‘do something.’ p45

Some examples of this are;

  • I can’t find a job, maybe I am unemployable and a failure.
  • I can’t sense God’s presence, maybe i have fallen outside of his will
  • My friend feels ‘off’ with me, maybe I have offended them and they don’t want to be my friend anymore
  • I am living out of my savings, I am sure to run out of money in the future.

The result of worry in worry in my life;

  • Being easily distracted from one thing to another
  • Getting tired over small tasks
  • restlessness and on edge in new situations
  • Snappy at people for no or little reason.

I have just come out of a period of unemployment where all of the things above escalated on a scale to which I have never experienced before in my life. It was horrible and dark because I was believing things that were untrue but I couldn’t stop it. Then I felt guilty for my lack of faithfulness in the Lord which after a good spell of Relay with UCCF I  ‘should’ be able to theologically  and mentally diagnose myself . Wrong.  Why? I simply can’t do this one alone.

Anyways, this book has been helpful for me to understand what my solvable and my floating worries are in my life. The aim is to not sway too far in ‘trying not to worry’ and ‘trying not to panic’. Instead, with the help of Jesus we need to come to a place of contemplation. I know that my worry motivates me to wake up in the morning  but I want the love of Christ to free me and motivate me instead.

That is the focus that I am trying to grasp, how can knowing Jesus calm down this whole worry issue? How can being part of local church help in community?  If you worry, what do you worry about?

I wish with my whole heart that  in our churches we can all openly sing this lines; ‘Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, Prone to leave the God I love;
Here’s my heart, O take and seal it, Seal it for Thy courts above.’ Trusting not in my own cold heart or in pretending that I have got it all going down alright but trusting in Christ who picks me up and covers me in grace.