People are always worried about tomorrow, what could go wrong, what tasks I need to do, what my future my face in my career, relationships and money. This can fill you with a sense of dread, a good reason not to wake up in the morning. You end up telling yourself, ‘I just can’t face it today and it is all becoming too much.’

Yes, this is a daily battle, of course we all experience this from time to time but actually it can become more than that. Worry can take up your day, occupy your thoughts, have an effect on relationships and cause tension in your daily life.

Worry is something that is a bit like having a parrot perched on your shoulder. It is always there in silence and looking attractive but actually when it talks, it blurts out something messy. Worry is like this too, you don’t really notice it until you go into a new situation or season of life and then it all starts to come out again and at times can lead to panic or anxiety attacks. I know… I have had them.

Worry is something that is hard to talk about. It means we have to reveal our weakness and let go of pride. I have ‘heard’ people say that you are meant to fight worry with more faith, but how can I gain more faith? Well we can’t so we have to admit that it is more than a spiritual problem, it is a mental health problem.

What drives our worries? Fear. Fear of being rejected, fear that I am not in control and want to be. Fear of people hurting my family and friends. Fear of failure in my job. Fear of not having enough money.

However these fears never seem to go away, personally I can be stuck in these horrible cycles that even devouring Matthew 6 doesn’t mean they go away. Then I want to break the cycle so I normally do something different by going for a walk on the beach but recently there have been times where there is no beach to hide on and then it’s the hotel room or the bedroom just anywhere where I can be alone.  That is the bottom line result, being alone.

I am convinced that there are many people who suffer with this; it is only recently that I am coming to understand this in myself and feel free to write about it. However pleased don’t think I am ‘fixed’ but simply trying to map a path of freedom by being reminded of the bigger picture of knowing Jesus. More to follow….