What is your Revolution?

These questions were part of Suki Chan exhibition, titled ‘ A Hundred Seas Rising’ that was inspired by Charles Dickens:

Inspired by Dickens’s novel, A Tale of Two Cities, A Hundred Seas Rising explores how literature might be implicated in the imagination and trajectories of revolutions. The installation will use the sound of 100 individual voices as a sculptural material, re-imagining Dickens’s revolutionary mob sonically by creating surges of ideological thought that reverberate across the gallery space.

The 100 desks, 100 speakers, 100 different voices.. a lot of noise…

I had to steward this exhibition and I after four hours of listening to the soundscape, it started to grate on me somewhat. However I do really like the idea behind it, that everyone has a revolution and a story to tell. It made me stop and think about what my reply to some of the questions would be:

Do you hate your Job? Well I dont have one..

What would I like to change? Lots of things… my appearance, my house, my bedroom, my future.

What is the role of religion for the betterment of society? Well that is a big one. I guess it means what you think religion is. Religion seems to only be for the select few who choose it, so it can be a bit closed, but then religion has good moral and community values, so maybe that is for good. Anyways, I don’t think Jesus was very religious, he was hanging out with all sorts of people and on the whole he didn’t spend much time in the temple.

What is your revolution? To know that I am; Beloved and daughter of God the Father, co-heir with Christ, bound by the spirit, all grace – forever.